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World TB Day

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THEME "Reaching the Missed TB Cases"



DATE: 24TH MARCH, 2014



Ghana joined the world to commemorate World TB day 2014 on 24th March 2014 at the Mantse Agbonaa in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

The day has been set aside by the WHO and the International Union Against TB and Lung Disease (IUATLD) to commemorate the discovery of the bacteria that spreads Tuberculosis in 1882. Many years after the discovery of the TB germ by Dr. Koch, the disease seems to be raging on therefore making it important to continue to commemorate it to send messages across to draw attention to the disease.

Today, many factors have contributed to the worsening of the disease in Africa and Ghana is no exception to this. TB/HIV, MDR TB and XDR is threatening the success being achieved by the various implementation plans the program is putting in place. Other factors threatening the program are stigmatization, lack of information and the influx of faith based churches in the Ghanaian society. The event is intended to educate the public about the devastating health and economic consequences of TB, its effects especially on developing countries and its continued tragic impact on global health.

The theme for the 2014 commemoration is “Finding the Missed TB Cases, The Untold Story of the Ghanaian TB Patient” This year’s campaign challenges us to look at the fight against TB in an entirely new way: that every step we take should be a step towards TB elimination

For the year 2014 the central TB Unit will host the launching ceremony. For consistency and uniformity of activities and messages, the standing committee mobilized other stakeholders to form a National Planning Committee.

 The significant change in this year’s planning was that the programme was going to be a press conference. The NTP called a smaller stakeholder meeting that included PRO GHS & MOH, HPD and the GNA and the Stop TB Partnership was tasked to carry out the following:

  • Outline a year long activities for TB advocacy, communication and social mobilization
  • Identify and draft invitation letters to pressmen and stakeholders.
  • Outline a tentative budget for the commemoration.
  • Compile a list of resource persons for mass media activities.
  • Arrange effective press coverage
  • Compile a report on the 2014 world TB day celebration